Symbiosis Food

Health Advantages

Healthy Goodness – With Symbiosis Food, It’s Built In!

The BIG 3


The fuel

Food for live microorganisms
in your gut.


The bonus

Healthy nutrient by-products created by live microorganisms that feed your gut.


The prize

The natural growth of your own live microorganisms in your gut.

The BIG 3

Feed your gut

Symbiosis Food naturally delivers prebiotics, postbiotics and probiotics. Each of these elements play an important role in supporting your overall gut health, but bringing them together effectively can be a challenge — Symbiosis Food solves this.

This big 3 combination is found in many foods and beverages that carry the Symbiosis Food logo. Essentially this means you’re getting all the prebiotic and postbiotic nutritional value that Symbiotically Fermented botanicals offer which, when ingested, power up the live microorganisms in your gut.

To thrive, your body relies on these good gut microbes as they lead to the vital advantages of the probiotic effect.

How does the Probiotic Effect, Effect You?

The Probiotic effect is a natural, clean and direct result of our patented process, Symbiotic Fermentation – the building block of Symbiosis Food. The Probiotic Effect has a significant impact on the way you feel and can lead to: 

Higher Energy


Improved Digestion

Stress Relief

Better Weight Control

Improved Cognition

Antioxidant Protection

Simply put, Symbiosis Food is a feel good choice and an easy way to nourish your body without sacrificing any of the pleasure of taste!

Wherever You Are On Your Life’s Journey,

Choose Healthy

Foods and Beverages made with Symbiosis Food taste great, and are great for you. Whether you’re an athlete, a busy mom on the go, fighting weight gain issues, getting a little older, or generally want to feel good about your body – what you eat and drink really does matter.

Creating healing from nature

Symbiosis Food “good-for-your-gut” choices have never been simpler or more clear. When you choose Symbiosis Food, you’re choosing healthy. Kefiplant, whose sole mission is to create healing from nature, works with manufacturers around the world to create superior life and wellness products that can be counted on.


Your Commitment To You

Every day you make choices that matter.

Look for the Made With Symbiosis Food logo and know that when given the choice, your health and the health of your family is a priority hat always comes first.


Large variety of products

Symbiosis Foods are popping up all over. Did you know that many of your favorite foods are already made with Symbiotically Fermented botanicals? Here’s just a few to be on the look out for:


Functional Beverage




Salad Dressing



Be a part of The Symbiosis Food Revolution

Join a strong community of health enthusiasts and let us guide you through your wellness journey.