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Symbiotic Fermentation

Symbiotic Fermentation: Naturally Better

For centuries botanicals have been used for their proven, health-giving properties, but botanicals on their own are difficult to digest. Symbiotic Fermentation is a patented scientific breakthrough. This proprietary process breaks botanicals into a large spectrum of pre-digested compounds. which when ingested, stimulate the bodies own nutrient absorption — and balance and feed good bacteria in the gut (probiotic effect).

Feeding the body with prebiotics + postbiotics + probiotics is a critical challenge. Kefiplant’s patented Symbiotic Fermentation has solved this.

Symbiotically fermented botanicals are processed without high temperatures or chemical solvents, and are excellent sources of predigested nutrients, enzymes, organic acids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and other metabolites. Symbiosis Food products require no special preservatives, temperatures or storage – the probiotic effect is the bodies natural digestive response to Symbiosis Food.

The Gut Food Sweetener That’s Making Waves

NEW Kefisweet is Positioned to Lead the Sweetener Market. KefiSweet, our flagship brand sweetener is a revolution in superfoods.

Made from fermented Stevia, not only is it optimal as a delicious sweetener, it’s very low in calories, has no bitter aftertaste, and has been scientifically proven to deliver better nutrient absorption. used alone or in food & beverage combinations.


When used in your products, the remarkable properties of symbiotic fermentation naturally boosts your competitive edge by providing the market forward.

With the healthy benefits of The BIG 3 (pre + post + probiotic) and with the Symbiosis Food endorsement, consumers will have just one more reason to choose your brand over that of your competitor.