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The Kefiplant Family of Product Lines

Kefiplant, our parent company was started in 2004 in Canada, and is quickly becoming the expert and world leader in the science and production of fermented herbs.

Since 2004 Kefiplant has successfully branched out from Canada and into both the US and Australian markets with clients in the food, beverage and supplements industries. Working with manufacturers and distributors, the Kefiplant goal is to continue to offer a growing brand line of healthy, natural, scientifically based product solutions all designed to improved market sustainability and all based in Symbiotic Fermentation.

Very low calorie sweetener with no bitter aftertaste.

100% natural, certified organic, can be used in any kind of food or beverage.

Fermented organic wholefood supplements.

A pure source of nutrients created by nature to facilitate digestion and the nutrients absorption.

Fermented botanicals created for a variety of beverages and food products.

A large spectrum of predigested nutrients to feed the body.

Certified organic liquid herbal extracts for cosmetics.

Water-soluble nutrients that nourish, rejuvenate and beautify the skin.

All of our products are certified organic


The Benefits Of + 50 Fermented Botanicals

Find the perfect effect for your products in our botanicals library.