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Symbiosis Food Seal

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CArrying the symbole of health-conscious & “Good For Your Gut”

Harmonizing With The Human Body

Symbiosis Food powered by Kefiplant is an all new category of combined prebiotics and postbiotics that when ingested, lead to the healthy advantages of the probiotic effect directly in the gut.

Using Symbiotic Fermentation our exclusive, and patented process, we have created four key brands; Kefisweet, KefiNutra, KefiViva, KefiSkin, and a holistic matrix of over 50 botanical bases that each mirror human digestion and deliver all the sought after and harmonizing benefits of a nutritionally fed and balanced gut.

When manufacturers use our Symbiotically Fermented brands and bases, their resulting products become eligible to carry the Symbiosis Food logo. This important endorsement tells a rapidly growing base of health-conscious consumers that “Good For Your Gut” nutritional innovation – is built in.

Nutritional Solutions For a Broad Range of Lifestyle Needs & Challenges

Healthier Solutions

As more and more consumers are facing diet restrictions weight gain and primary and secondary health problems, the drive to deliver clean, healthy, consumable alternatives has become a responsible and competitive economic opportunity.

Getting Noticed

Your products, created using our symbiotically fermented and optimized organic ingredients: taste better, carry natural health & lifestyle benefits, can be the genesis for fresh-to-market options and innovations, and have the option to carry the “Made With Symbiosis Food”


We don’t make your brands
we help you make your brands better

A Leading-Edge Consumer Category

Symbiosis Food based in Symbiotic Fermentation is breaking new ground. The Symbiosis Food logo, alerts consumers to the natural probiotic effect and nutritional value of the products they’re choosing to purchase. Forward-thinking manufacturers and distributors worldwide are creating innovative Symbiosis Food product lines that not only taste good, but also offer consumers a critical health advantage they can count on : prebiotics + postbiotics + probiotics.

Creating Healing From Nature

Let’s Build Something Together

Our goal is to work with you, to optimize the authentic probiotic effect of your products. To create healthier, more marketable, and scientifically superior consumer options made stronger and better using the natural power of Symbiotic Fermentation.