Demystifying the 3 Ps: Their role and importance

Good gut health is optimized when prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics, also known as “The BIG 3”, work together. People are increasingly motivated to take care of their overall and gut health. Science is beginning to discover how this huge system of our body works and how it influences health improvement, heart disease, and overweight. There is so much to learn about our microbiome and “The BIG 3” is only part of it. We will help you demystify and understand each of their roles in our organism.



Probiotics are living microorganisms that have a beneficial effect on the health of people when ingested in sufficient amount. In fact, probiotics have been shown to support a healthy digestive system, a stronger immune system and a balance within our gut microbiota. These are good, natural microbes that require fuel in order to grow and improve digestive health. Symbiosis food contains a multitude of good bacteria that act as probiotics and help promote health. We call probiotic effect, the natural growth of our own microorganisms in our gut and it may be called a prize as it improves our digestive health in a way very similar as probiotics.


On their side, prebiotics are the fuel for probiotic benefits. Indeed, it is food for the microorganisms living in our gut. Most prebiotics are dietary fiber and are found naturally in certain foods such as onions, green vegetables, oats, wheat, and barley. Through our patented fermentation, we critically break down botanicals into prebiotics, the probiotic fuel essential for the digestive system. In other words, these prebiotics feed the good bacteria already present in our digestive system (gut).


Finally, postbiotics are nutrients created by probiotics, or by living microorganisms. These can be organic acids, proteins, polysaccharides or even enzymes that have benefits on the body and the digestive system of the host. This is an increasing trend in the food and beverage industry due to their promotion of good gut health. They can be seen as a bonus given to us considering that they are healthy nutritious by-products created by living microorganisms, within a symbiosis of bacteria and yeasts. So, Symbiosis food products offer the best possible alternative where we can find both a wide variety of prebiotics and postbiotics, which when ingested, lead to the same healthy benefits of the probiotic effect, despite the absence of recognized probiotic strains.


Thus, it is essential to nourish our intestines with “The BIG 3” in order to obtain the desirable probiotic effect as well as a well-nourished gut! The probiotic effect has generated our body in good health, strengthens our immune system and helps fight many diseases as well as many negative conditions.

An additional boon for manufacturers wanting to be part of the Symbiosis Food community; our symbiotic fermentation bases require no special storage, work well in formulation, feature a superior taste profile, and as Symbiosis Food, deliver the true marketable strength of the probiotic effect.