About us

The Drive to create

With extensive knowledge of the ancient art of botanical fermentation, founder & entrepreneur Chantale Houle had a pivotal inspiration that would take botanicals to much wider application. She believed that overcoming the limits of traditional fermentation could expand the usability of the time-honored healing and nutritional properties of botanicals.

Her motivation help people worldwide feel better, and live healthier lives. Continuous research, scientific collaboration, and a passion for building optimized organic products has led to a patented technological breakthrough dynamically superior sweeteners and fermented botanicals that elevate foods, beverages and supplements to a new category of BIG 3 superfoods called Symbiosis Food.


Intuition into action

Chantale has dedicated years of her life to building a process and a suite of products designed to produce the probiotic effect from daily foods, beverages & supplements.
made with symbiosis
made with symbiosis


Forward Into The Future

Kefiplant whose name implies our patented process – is derived from a unique combination of Kefir “grain” (symbiosis of yeasts and bacteria — the ancestor of probiotics) and Plant (botanicals).

Our trajectory has been rapid. As more and more entrepreneurs, manufacturers & distributors have realized the marketable value of our fermented bases, Symbiosis Food as a new category is successfully working its way into a worldwide mainstream of health-seeking consumers who want more from the things they eat and drink everyday.


Our goal, make “Good for Your Gut” Symbiosis Foods a dedicated manufacturing standard of commitment — and give consumers the options, the knowledge and the power to make proactive healthier choices.

Creating Healing From Nature.

Let’s Build Something Together.

Our passion is to create true healing from nature, to build holistic, healthier superfoods, and advance a better global understanding of the value of nutrition as essential to well-being. Built on our founding principles of inspiration, innovation and thorough scientific research, we’re continually developing breakout symbiotically fermented food and beverage bases that positively impact the nutritional challenges and ever changing lifestyle demands of today’s consumers.