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Welcome to The Symbiosis Food Revolution Kefiplant,
The Brand Behind Your Brand

Stand Out

Once your products have been updated to your satisfaction, they have the option to carry the Made With Symbiosis Food logo.

The benefits of this endorsement are both primary – consumers can see the endorsement in your packaging and advertising, and quickly link your product with healthy benefits and good taste, and secondary – through trade advertising of Symbiosis Food, PR campaigns and educational outreach. We are constantly promoting the importance of consumers awareness and the ways that nutrition choices impact lifestyle.




We work with you on updating and refining your product, and help you to clarify your product benefits for consumers.


We supply you with proprietary Symbiosis Food logo art and can help you with label design for highest impact for both your established brand logo and the addition of the Symbiosis Food logo.


We take a multi-tiered approach to consumer eduction through: interactive Q&A, blog posts and articles, and soon will include video and PR.


We advertise in both trade and consumer publications, and on social media.


We can create downloadable sales/marketing materials and collateral for you to use in eblasts, or print-on-demand supplemental take aways.


Building private label, regionally driven or boutique products is our specialty.

We understand the value of integrity, accessibility and responsiveness. Our Symbiotically Fermented products are all sustainable, and USDA organic.

We have deep experience with taste profile sensitivity and cultural needs. We believe in good stewardship and doing good things for the planet. Like you, we are creators deeply rooted in scientific authenticity, and will work just as hard developing one product with you as we will on a line of products.

We work quickly and proactively with you to generate performance products that have high market value and consumer appeal.

Brokers & Distributors

We understand that multi-tasking is part of your world, and that shelf life in your world comes at a competitive premium. With Symbiotically Fermented products we offer quickly realizable benefits that can credibly be used in any marketing message in either a generalized “health-benefit-driven” narrative, or to effectively target lifestyle needs.

We can work with your co-packers or with ours to rapidly get you to product line development. Our taste profiles are superior, in particular our KefiSweet preclinical trial data put our fermented Stevia far out ahead of powdered Stevia in lower cholesterol, higher gut health performance and better weight control.

Brand Extension & Market Penetration

“Growing health awareness is a key factor driving the sweeteners market on an upward growth trajectory. Market Valuation is likely to reach – USD 731 billion by 2030.”

(TMR Study – Transparency Market Research).

Based on years of microbiological research Kefiplant’s Symbiosis Food is a revolution in nutrient-absorbable superfood. Organic and USDA Certified, our vast matrix of fermented botanicals allow for nutritionally superior, low calorie substitutions/modifications with highly sensitive taste matching. In the evolution of older, high-sugar products we can efficiently work with you to offer the substantial health conscious market viable alternatives