Good for your Gut Health

The BIG 3


The fuel

Food for live microorganisms in your gut.


The bonus

Healthy nutrient by-products created by live microorganisms that feed your gut.


The prize

The natural growth of your own live microorganisms in your gut.

Our difference

By applying our patented Symbiotic Fermentation process we create fully digestible prebiotics and postbiotics that can and do lead to the nutrient supported power of the probiotic effect.

Our patented Symbiotic Fermentation offers a holistic matrix of over 50 different plant based extracts that when combined with manufacturers foods and beverages create a large spectrum of easy-to-digest nutrients. The benefits are many, especially when derived from botanicals. Throughout history botanicals have been used as remedies and solutions for healthier living, but botanicals on their own are difficult to digest.

The BIG 3 conclusion: Pre + Post + Pro = Better nutritional absorption, stronger immunity, better brain protection, lower gut inflammation, fewer diseases.

Feed Your Gut With THE BIG 3

Good gut health is optimized when Prebiotics + Postbiotics + Probiotics (THE BIG 3) work together. Importantly, Symbiotic Fermentation – the power behind all of our botanical bases, delivers on all 3!

How does it work?

Probiotics are naturally occurring good microbes that need proper fuel to grow and enhance health. Patented Symbiotic Fermentation critically breaks botanicals into Prebiotics, (essential probiotic fuel), and Postbiotics (by-products that support good gut health). When our fermented bases are consumed as part of daily foods & beverages, they work naturally with digestion to nurture good gut microbes leading to the desirable Probiotic effect.

Why it all matters?

The PROBIOTIC EFFECT, the hallmark of Symbiosis Food, is the revitalizing result of well fed gut microbes.

The probiotic effect keeps your body healthy and working well, boosts your immune system and may help to fight off many diseases and negative conditions.

As an added boon to manufacturers, our Symbiotically Fermented bases require no special storage, work well in formulation, carry a superior taste profile – and as Symbiosis Food – deliver the true marketable strength of the probiotic effect.


Gut-food Sweetener

Ahead of the Curve

Manufacturers already on board with Symbiosis Food are not only creating better tasting, lower calorie products, they’re also attracting new customers looking for value and innovation. Kefisweet, our flagship brand, has returned remarkable pre-clinical trail results. As the only gut-food sweetener on the market today, Kefisweet is outperforming other lower calorie sweeteners including powdered Stevia.