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How Do We Produce Your Base?

Fermented Base

Manufacture by Kefiplant

Our expertise in herbal fermentation is at the service of companies. Using a controlled process, we make sure to develop and produce our drink bases of fermented plants perfectly adapted to every industry’s needs.

1. Understanding of your needs

Establish the type of products, the targeted market, the expected volume, the desired flavors, a living or pasteurised drink, etc.

2. Selection of herbs to ferment

Choose herbs to ferment according to desired functions, benefits and flavors.

3. Development of a custom formula

Establish the perfect formula with the good amount of sweeteners and flavors for the creation of a product to the taste of company’s clients.

4. Taking test

Make sure that the formulation meets company’s expectations for its clients.

5. Herbal fermentation and quality control

Plants and formula are submitted to many tests and analysis through the fermentation process.

6. That’s it!

Your product is ready and stable at room temperature during 2 years.

7. Delivery

Deliver our products all over the world while ensuring a controlled quality.





Food, Beverage or Supplement

Manufacture in your company


1. Industrial production of the bevarage

Product according to the formula defined in the laboratory.

2. Bottling

Bottle the final product. You can benefit on request from stability tests offered in order to ensure the quality control after bottling. Kefiplant can also assist you in selecting a specialized bottler for this type of drink.


You’re ready to market and deliver your product!

step by step

Symbiotic Fermentation Process

Validation of high quality of the herb

(certified organic)

Monitored water extraction

Symbiotic Fermentation process

Qualification of fermented plants through tests