Nutrient Rich Sweetener

KefiSweet is the only patent pending, naturally fermented, organic, stevia leaf sweetener on the market today.

This sweetener is natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten free, low in calories, clean and without the bitter aftertaste found in processed powdered stevia. It is a unique and authentic sweetener that can help reduce the amount of sugar people consume daily. This happens without sacrificing the sweet taste we have come to love, for a healthier way of living. KefiSweet can be use in many different products.

The Sugar Problem


People today are extremely concerned about their sugar intake and the calories sugar contains. People read the ingredient labels to understand how many grams of sugar they are consuming. Everyone knows that sugar, high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners are not good for us. Sugar addiction may causes diabetes, obesity, and other health issues.

The industry is using processed powder stevia to replace sugar. As stevia leaf does not taste good, food companies tried using chemicals to mask the bad aftertaste. They keep getting farther away from the natural sweetness we crave. Powdered stevia has become a molecule similar to artificial sweetener.

Symbiosis Fermentation
is the Solution

Our process allows botanicals to naturally express all of their ancestral healing benefits and creates a diversity of bioavailable healthy nutrients. After developing the expertise on more than 50 botanicals, Kefiplant’s scientists worked on resolving the sugar problem with the symbiotic approach.

The patented pending fermented stevia will change the industry by bringing a good sugar taste and real health benefits. The body recognizes it as a food and is naturally absorbed!


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