The Team Behind


Chantale Houle


Determined Visionary

Chantale bursts with creativity, boldness and effectiveness. She knows how to innovate, how to develop unique concept for her customers to power up their products to a new level! Her enthusiasm and her passion are an inspiration for all Kefiplant’s team!

Entrepreneur, Chantale has twenty years of experience in business, a bachelor degree in actuarial and a recognized expertise in research & development.


Alexandre Arsenault

Research & Development Assistant

Alexandre’s highly refined palette, curiosity and skill is the backbone of our successful flavor profiles.

Alexandre completed both a BS in biotechnological engineering and an MS in applied sciences at the University of Sherbrooke. Significantly, before joining the Kefiplant team, he worked in R&D for the drinking water industry. Alexandre’s unique expertise and ongoing studies of flavor and preparation techniques, have led to Kefiplant’s many innovations creating superior recipes made with fermented plants.


André Lacombe

Quality Assurance Manager

André develops and takes charge of all product specifications to ensure they meet GFSI and SQF requirements.

André received both a BS in microbiology and an MS in nutrition at the University of Montreal. With 30 years of experience in the food industry his expertise and rigorous dedication to quality assurance and process control is our key to ongoing product excellence.


Alain Lambert

Vice-president of Operations and Human Ressources Organizer and Relying

Alain manages and empowers the team and is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

His operational decisions are always oriented towards customer satisfaction, encouraging the involvement and the harmony of Kefiplant team.

Graduated in human resources management from the Université du Québec, Alain has several years of experience in operation and human resources. His analytical skills and his understanding of human being are important assets that help Kefiplant to be brought among the best.