Our Studies

In a 15-week Preclinical trial significant benefits, 4 groups of mice were fed fat and varying additives to determine what effect, if any, the sweeteners had on the overall health and energy of the subjects. KefiSweet, made with Symbiosis Food (stevia that has been brewed using symbiotic food fermentation), returned profound results leading to significant benefits.

How does the probiotic effect work?

When the FP bacteria (Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, commonly referred to as “good bacteria”) are nourished, this is called a probiotic effect which leads to reduced gut inflammation. Reduced gut inflammation leads to lower cholesterol, better weight control and detoxification. This is critically important as these factors are the control gates to the prevention of so many secondary health issues.

Mice fed fat & water

Low energy, high cholesterol, significant weight gain, low FP

Mice fed fat & Saccharose

Low energy, highest cholesterol, highest weight gain, low FP

Mice fed fat & powdered Stevia

Moderate energy, lower weight gain, moderate FP

Mice fed fat & KefiSweet

Higher energy, lowest cholesterol, lowest weight gain and more significantly, weight gain showed reversal into steady weight loss, dramatically higher FP



KefiSweet returned the lowest cholesterol increase


KefiSweet returned by far the highest level of good bacteria in the gut

*(Faecalibacterium prausnitzii) Commonly referred to as “good bacteria.”


KefiSweet returned the lowest weight gain & even began to reverse weight gain


increase in (fb) good bacteria


weight reduction


A Natural Probiotic is Revealed

The Unexpected Power of Symbiotic Fermentation


The study revealed that group 4, KefiSweet (stevia that has been brewed using symbiotic food fermentation) had the unexpected added benefits of nourishing gut bacteria and the microbiota. When compared to group 3 (plain stevia powder), KefiSweet returned an unheard of 75% increase in (FP) good bacteria and a 30% weight reduction.

Symbiosis Food throws the doors wide open to better and healthier food. With the patented process of Symbiotic Fermentation, a new generation of competitive super foods has come of age.