Innovative Solution for Foods & Beverages Development

Kefiplant solutions are developed by a monitored bioprocess and used as a base for creating various types of living or pasteurized functional beverages and functional foods.

Specifically designed to enhance the nutritional properties, the preservation, the taste and aromas of foods, symbiotic fermented botanicals provide essential and beneficial nutrients for health.

New World of Healthy Ingredients

Today’s consumers are looking more than ever for clean labels : products with low-calorie, low salt, no preservative and no artificial ingredients. They are the new criteria of food selection. 

KefiViva gives you the opportunity to create tasty symbiotic food that meets consumers needs.



Kombucha Base

Inspired by the traditional fermentation method

Caring to understand the ancestral fermentation and to apply it to today’s reality, Kefiplant’s scientists analyzed and tested the Kombucha. They comprehended how yesterday’s nomads succeeded to create a drink as complete in health benefits.

The fermentation process used by Kefiplant for its KefiViva Kombucha Base is inspired by the ancestral method. This technique allows to control and stabilize the fermentation. Using this fermented drink Base allows companies that market a Kombucha beverage to produce as much quality than with the ancestral beverage.



The Benefits Of + 50 Fermented Botanicals

Find the perfect effect for your products in our botanicals library.