Let’s Build Something Together

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Making The Products You Make Healthier & More Competitive

Product Development

As experts in Symbiotic Fermentation, we work closely with your team to understand your brand goals, your market concept and your target.

Using Kefisweet, KefiNutra, KefiViva, KefiSkin, or any combination of our 50+ botanicals we collaborate to formulate, improve and test your products, to ensure that your improved product offering moves forward with all of the natural and sustainable benefits of Symbiotic Fermentation and meets highest quality standards.

State of the Art
Research Laboratory

Our scientific and technical teams are continually innovating to create revolutionary processes and to build an ever widening matrix of nutritionally superior fermented products.

Along with our scientific expertise and product experience we also use: chromatographic analyses, microbiological analyses and physiochemical & organoleoptic analysis (spectrophotometry, IR, HPLC, GC-MS) to ensure that your final solutions are optimized for go-to-market efficacy and appeal.

Whether we’re reformulating an existing brand or bringing your new private label product line ideas to life, our goal is to give you a realizable market advantage built on better taste, and higher nutritional value.

Good for Business

Premium Healthy Products


Naturally tastes better means additional costly & potentially harmful, taste-masking additives are no longer needed


Scientifically proven health & lifestyle benefits means true consumer confidence supporting stronger “reasons to buy”


Range of Symbiosis Food products can lead to first-to-market new options


Multi-platform marketing support is educating and building consumer lifestyle preference for products that carry the Symbiosis Food endorsement.

Good for Consumer

Products that can reduce any negative effects of additives and promote a healthy metabolism, improve digestion, increase vital energy & nutrient assimilation, naturally lead to increased consumer confidence. Why? This desirable synergy of multiple nutrients & the probiotic effect potentially leads to so many scientifically supported healthy benefits.

Higher Energy


Improved Digestion

Stress Relief

Better Weight Control

Improved Cognition

Antioxidant Protection