Ashwagandha is a perennial shrub native to India. Its leaves and tuberous roots have been used in the Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to treat a various range of symptoms and conditions. Traditionnally used to provide body strength, vitality and power, it is also known for providing well-being, reducing stress related conditions and stimulating digestion. Modern studies have proven that Ashwagandha has effective anxiolytic and neuroprotective effects. It could also be helpful in cholesterohemia regulation, and is thought to be aphrodisiac.

Fermented Ashwagandha

KefiNutra Fermented Ashwagandha is a living liquid wholefood supplement of certified organic fermented Ashwagandha. This tonic is produced by a symbiotic fermentation process and used in its pure form or combined with other types of food supplements.

Botanical Informations

Botanical Name: Withania somnifera L. Dunal
Common Name: Ashwagandha, Winter-Cherry
Family: Solanaceae
Used Part: Roots

Product Features

Apparence: Liquid
Taste: Sour astragalus
pH: 2.0 – 3.5
Acidity: 10.0 – 15.0
Brix: = 6.5
List of ingredients: Water, organic ashwagandha roots, organic raw cane sugar, ancient symbiosis of yeasts (Schizosaccharomyces pombe, Zygosaccharomyces bailii, Dekkera bruxellensis) and bacteria (Acetobacter sp., Gluconoacetobacter sp.)
Lifetime: 2 year(s)
Storage: Keep container tightly close in a cool (between 39 and 68°F), dry and dark place.

Nutrients after fermentation

Molecule: Alkaloids (Tropine, Anaferin), Lactones (Withanolides, Withaferin), Phenolic compounds (Gallic and p-Coumaric acids, Catechin), Flavonoids (Naringenin, Kaempherol), Tannins
Organic Acids:
Acetic, Gluconic, Succinic acids
A, B and C
Gluconate and acetate forms (Fe)
Amino acids:
Soluble sugars, Alcohol, Glycerol
Hydrolase, Lipase, Amylase

Healty Benefits

Vital Energy

  • Adaptogenic benefits: emotional balancing and adaptability, promoting well-being;
  • Soothing anxiety and stress: fighting restlessness, reducing physical stress and anxiety symptoms;
  • Protecting central nervous system and maintening healthy brain functions;
  • Strenghtening and revitalizing;
  • Balancing cholesterol levels;
  • Protecting cells from cellular damages from oxydative stress;
  • Supporting healthy digestive and gastrointestinal functions;
  • Protecting against microbial infections;
  • Increasing vital energy;
  • Boosting the immune system;
  • Overall body’s detoxification.

Creating Healing From Nature

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